UCLA bounced back from last week’s loss to Oregon in as strong a way as possible Saturday against Stanford. The Bruins raced past the Cardinal, 38-13, on the strength of a dominant rushing performance from tailback Zach Charbonnet. UCLA out-gained Stanford 523-270 and went into the fourth quarter up 31-6.

Coach Chip Kelly met with reporters after the game to talk about the mentality of his now 7-1 Bruins. Here’s everything he said, with video of the press conference below.

On UCLA’s defense

“It was a collaboration with our whole defensive group. Billy (McGovern) was here all week long. He helped institute the game plan. I thought our players really executed. They played hard from the opening whistle. I think that they (Stanford) took that first drive and went down and kicked the field goal. After that, our first defense did an unbelievable job the entire game. I thought that we generated a pass rush against a really good quarterback. I thought we did a really good in coverage and some really good receivers, so I am really proud of everybody involved in our defense tonight.”

On UCLA’s offensive line

“I thought that our o-line did a really good job. And whenever you can rush the ball for over 300 yards, they’re establishing the line of scrimmage. That is what we thought we had to do in this game. We really needed to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and I think that our o-line played really well tonight.”

On RB Zach Charbonnet

“And he also helped a lot in the pass game. I don’t know what his numbers were, in terms of receptions and yardage and things like that, but he is a three-down back. That’s why he’s going to have a career after UCLA, playing professional football, because he can do it all. He can pick up a pass protection. He’s a weapon coming out of the backfield, and obviously we saw what he’s like when he runs the football. I thought Zach played outstanding today.”

On UCLA defensive coordinator Bill McGovern being away with an illness

“Billy was at home. We FaceTime’d him in the locker room. He celebrated with us. I think he poured water on himself. He’s good.”

On the response to last week’s 45-30 loss at Oregon

“We don’t talk about that. So that’s not our world. Our world is every week is an entirely new season, it doesn’t matter if you win or you lose. We just came back on Monday, and I thought that our guys were great on Monday. We didn’t really talk about getting back on track and all that. I think that when you live your life in the past – I feel really bad for people that do that. We don’t live our life in the past. We don’t have a rearview mirror in our office. We don’t have a rearview mirror on our practice field. We are always looking for the next opponent and who we’ve got next. And it’s the same thing with these guys. They can enjoy this win as much as they want tomorrow, but when we come back in on Monday morning, we’ve got to set our sights on Arizona State.”

On WR Kazmeir Allen

“Really valuable. He’s starting to really carve out a niche for himself. There are different ways to do things. We knew that we were going to run the ball in the fourth quarter, so the fact that we could take a little bit off Zach (Charbonnet) there and get him in there, he has done that a ton in practice and obviously started at that position. So the fact that we could get him a couple of runs in the backfield and then use him as a weapon outside and also use him as a returner makes it difficult to defend him. He is a guy that has a chance to hit a home run every single time he has the ball in his hands. I was really happy to see that he got a rushing touchdown today.”

On LB Darius Muasau

“I just think that he’s been the rock that we kind of build around. He has to make all of the calls on the defensive side of the ball, get us set up. He’s a really instinctive football player. He’s one of those guys who is calling out plays before they happen because he studies tape so much. He has a really good feel for what they’re doing. They scored on their first possession. We drove down the field. But then, I think that things flipped when he got that interception. And then we scored one play later, and then all of a sudden, it becomes a little bit different of a football game. And that was him, through film study, they like to RPO off of that look and he was where he was supposed to be. He made a huge play for us. But he has made a huge impact on this football program.”

On Charbonnet’s work ethic

“Yeah, that’s Zach. The best thing about Zach is that he does it every day. It is not easy to do it every single day. There are days where you don’t feel 100 percent. But you could never tell that when you’re around him. It’s kind of infectious when you see him. It’s just, every day, he is the same person. He’s got that work ethic, that mindset. And even when you tell him, as we got to the fourth quarter, that he was out, he doesn’t want to be out. He wants to continue to play. He’d play for 60 minutes, and he’d play special teams if you asked him to. He’d play defense if you asked him to. He’s just one of those throwback players that is a lot of fun to be around.”

On QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson

“He’s good. I think that’s one of Dorian’s greatest qualities is his toughness. The kid is a warrior and I think that our team thrives off what he does. I thought he played outstanding. I thought he really kept some drives alive with his feet today. We had some uncharacteristic drops, where the numbers in the passing game would have been higher, but I thought that Dorian played outstanding.”