Chip Kelly put the Arizona State loss on his and his staff’s shoulders.

The Bruins were beaten at home on Saturday, 17-7, by an Arizona State team that had lost seven of its previous eight games and was running packages with a running back and tight end taking snaps. Completely devastated by injuries, the Sun Devils were deep into the playbook trying to find ways to move the football.

It worked well enough for a win at the Rose Bowl in large part because UCLA self-destructed time and time again in short-yardage situations.

“We told them it was on us as coaches,” Kelly said after the game. “We didn’t do a good enough job to prepare those guys to play this football game.”

The Bruins had it first-and-goal from the ASU 5 in the second quarter and were turned away on four consecutive plays. ASU stuffed a fourth-and-1 run from Carson Steele at the goal line to turn UCLA away without any points after an eight-play, 74-yard drive.

They were stopped on fourth-and-1 inside the 10 on the next possession. In the fourth quarter, UCLA was again stuffed on a fourth-and-2 run from the ASU 37.

“Yeah, that was my decision to go for it, and obviously it didn’t work out,” Kelly said. “That is on me.”

Kelly said the coaching staff didn’t put players in positions to make plays. He said he got the fourth-down calls wrong.

“We’ve got to be able to gain 1 yard if we need to gain 1 yard,” Kelly said. “We will go back, obviously it didn’t work. Like I said, that is on us. We’ll take a look at it as a coaching staff and make the proper corrections.”

Asked if there was any concern consecutive losses would snowball into a bigger problem, Kelly said the only thing on his mind right now is USC.

“I’m concerned with getting our team ready to play against a really good football team that we played in a shootout with last year,” he said. “We are concerned with who we are playing. They have the returning Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. They can score a lot of points. We’ve got to be prepared for that.”

More so than they were for what Arizona State brought to the Rose Bowl, that’s for sure.