Chip Kelly and the UCLA community have been mourning the loss of defensive coordinator Bill McGovern.

A longtime assistant coach across the NFL and college football, McGovern joined Kelly’s staff early in 2022. Unfortunately, McGovern passed away in May after a battle with cancer.

During his Pac-12 Media Day appearance, Kelly was asked about his time spent with McGovern. He praised McGovern for the impact he had on the program and revealed the DC made it clear he only wanted a small group of people to know about his illness because he said “this isn’t about me” per Kelly.

Amazing man, amazing impact on so many other people. What he did in his last year (tearing up).

How tough, how courageous and how humble he was. He didn’t want anybody to know he was sick, not because — the only reason was he said I don’t want my daughters to have to answer questions about me every day and I don’t want the players to have to answer questions about me every day.

Our administration, medical staff, select coaches knew. It was because that’s the way he wanted it. But that was Billy. When I had the conversation with him, he said, You just have to understand this isn’t about me. There were only two of us in the room. It’s not about me.

But that’s just the way Billy was. His courage, his toughness, his humility in that last year was an amazing thing. I think the biggest thing is, I said this at the funeral, is that man’s biggest fear isn’t death, man’s biggest fear is insignificance. Billy wasn’t afraid because of how significant his life was, the impact he had on so many people.

He was at peace with, If this is what God selected for me, I’m good. He went out the way he wanted to go out. It was special that I had the honor to be with him for the last 11 months of his life.

Kelly said one of the biggest lessons he learned from McGovern is about the impact an individual can have on another person. McGovern touched a lot of people, and that’s how people can truly “touch a future” per Kelly.