Chip Kelly was previously oblivious to the Tuesday news of USC suspending a beat reporter for two weeks. He now knows about the situation and was directly asked about the idea at his Wednesday press availability.

Tuesday evening, it was revealed that the Trojans had suspended a beat reporter’s access for 2 weeks after publishing a story that included quotes from players outside of an official media availability. The Southern California News Group has called the move “an overreaction” by the USC program.

When asked about the idea, Kelly admitted he was unaware that was even an option.

“Can someone do that? What happened? Can people do that? I’ve never heard of that, but I don’t know,” said Kelly. “And I never want to comment on someone else’s, they must have policies.”

Kelly was asked if UCLA has any policies that would allow the coach to suspend a reporter, and he admitted he’s never even thought of it. He went on to say his focus is to be “the most prepared and least distracted” and doesn’t pay attention to what is written about UCLA.

As a result, Kelly would not even know if he does or does not agree with opinions that are published:

“I haven’t really thought of that, I didn’t know you could do that so I don’t think we have policies on that. Part of it for us, we don’t pay much attention as a group to what’s being written. Some individuals do but I don’t, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I disagreed with what someone else wrote,” Kelly explained. “Maybe when I was younger, but right now we try to preach being the most prepared and least distracted. Following things like that, I think you’re going down a rabbit hole — I don’t know, I don’t really have a comment. I just didn’t know you can do that.”

Of bigger concern for Kelly and UCLA is the beginning of Pac-12 play this Saturday. After a 3-0 mark to start the season, the Bruins hit the road to face No. 11 Utah in the league opener.