Chip Kelly is not changing his routine when it comes to UCLA’s quarterback situation. He made that abundantly clear during Wednesday’s media availability.

Asked about UCLA’s plans at QB in Week 3, Kelly said that’s a decision that will be made Friday. He even sarcastically quipped that he appreciates “the question every single week.”

“We’ll determine that when we get to Friday like we do every single week,” said Kelly. “But I appreciate you asking the question every single week. We don’t do anything rotation-wise or player-wise until we get to the end of the week so we know who’s available for the game. Again, would be very presumptuous to say who it is, and then he rolls his ankle today in practice. So we’ve had a system in place for a long time.”

A reporter tried to follow up on the matter by saying he asked the question assuming everyone is healthy. That’s not a path Kelly was willing to walk down.

“We don’t assume anything in our profession,” said Kelly.

Will it be a multiple-QB situation?

“We’ll wait til we get to Friday and we’ll figure all that out,” Kelly replied.

The head coach was even asked if he would be comfortable with a multiple-QB situation against Utah.

“Wait until we get to the Utah week and we’ll figure that out. We’re not a hypothetical operation,” Kelly explained before using the Aaron Rodgers situation as an example. “Are you gonna write that down? Write ‘hypotheticals: no’ and then we can move on. Hypothetically, if we had Aaron Rodgers here, we would say he was the QB here but then he got hurt 4 plays in, so then you’ve got to scrap that plan and you’ve gotta move on. That’s why hypotheticals don’t work.”

In a season-opening win against Coastal Carolina, the Bruins played Ethan Garbers as a starter but also utilized Dante Moore in the game. Moore received the majority of snaps in Week 2 against San Diego State, but Collin Schlee also played in the game.

Through 2 games, Moore has led the Bruins with 433 yards and 5 touchdowns and leads the team in efficiency. Despite those numbers, it sounds like Kelly is not going to adjust his routine moving forward.