Chip Kelly landed 5-star quarterback Dante Moore in the 2023 recruiting class, bringing an elite talent with high expectations to UCLA.

Fortunately, Kelly believes Moore is up to the task so far in his young Bruin career. Asked about managing Moore during his Pac-12 Media Day appearance, Kelly described the QB as an “old soul” that has not needed much managing.

“We haven’t really had to manage much because of him. He’s an old soul. He’s the oldest 17-year-old I’ve ever met,” Kelly explained. “He’s got a unique quality about him. He enjoys and is very grateful for the opportunity that he’s been presented. He’s always thankful. He’s a please and thank you guy. He’s got a unique nature about him.”

Kelly went on to explain Moore lives a very even-keeled life and is focused on putting in the work that he can be proud of at the end of each day:

I think he inherently understands that. I don’t think he judges his life on what other people’s opinions are. That’s to me what praise and blame is all the same means. Whether someone is complimenting on what you did or someone is detracting. The person that matters most is you. What is your opinion of yourself?

I’ve always said I’m not governed by the fear of what other people say. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and feel like you put in a good day’s work, and if you did, put your head down on the pillow and get up and do it again.

Dante lives that every day. It’s really cool that someone at that age already understands that. He’s really wise beyond his years.

Dante Moore’s outlook

While the offseason QB battle for the Bruins has yet to be decided, it sounds like Moore has a strong shot at an early impact for UCLA. The wisdom Kelly described will serve Moore well, and there’s no denying the talent he possesses. Moore came to UCLA as a 5-star recruit and the No. 5 overall prospect in the country per the 247 Sports Composite.