The explosion in the transfer portal has altered the presentation when it comes to recruiting class rankings. Add in that 5-star Rainier Beach (Wash.) offensive tackle Josh Conerly Jr. isn’t committing until March and still has a handful of Pac-12 teams in pursuit of his signature, and things could perhaps look even more different than they do now.

Nonetheless, National Signing Day was Wednesday, and most teams around the country are now done with the 2022 cycle. Coaching staffs have turned their focus to the 2023 cycle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take one last look at how the 2022 classes shook out.

Using the industry-generated 247 Composite, there was a different team with the top-ranked Pac-12 class for high school recruiting and for overall recruiting (transfers included). Here are the day-after rankings for both:

USC Trojans (21 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 1st
  • Overall national rank: 10th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 1st
  • Transfer national rank: 1st
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 10th
  • Recruit national rank: 65th

Oregon Ducks (20 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 2nd
  • Overall national rank: 22nd
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 6th
  • Transfer national rank: 34th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 3rd
  • Recruit national rank: 25th

Arizona Wildcats (29 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 3rd
  • Overall national rank: 23rd
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 4th
  • Transfer national rank: 21st
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 2nd
  • Recruit national rank: 24th

Stanford Cardinal (23 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 4th
  • Overall national rank: 26th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 11th
  • Transfer national rank: 100th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 1st
  • Recruit national rank: 17th

UCLA Bruins (18 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 5th
  • Overall national rank: 32nd
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 2nd
  • Transfer national rank: 14th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 7th
  • Recruit national rank: 57th

Utah Utes (20 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 6th
  • Overall national rank: 33rd
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 9th
  • Transfer national rank: 58th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 4th
  • Recruit national rank: 38th

California Golden Bears (17 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 7th
  • Overall national rank: 53rd
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 8th
  • Transfer national rank: 46th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 8th
  • Recruit national rank: 59th

Colorado Buffaloes (30 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 8th
  • Overall national rank: 55th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 10th
  • Transfer national rank: 59th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 5th
  • Recruit national rank: 46th

Washington State Cougars (23 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 9th
  • Overall national rank: 57th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 7th
  • Transfer national rank: 36th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 9th
  • Recruit national rank: 64th

Arizona State Sun Devils (18 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 10th
  • Overall national rank: 67th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 3rd
  • Transfer national rank: 18th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 12th
  • Recruit national rank: 105th

Washington Huskies (15 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 11th
  • Overall national rank: 69th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: 5th
  • Transfer national rank: 26th
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 11th
  • Recruit national rank: 93rd

Oregon State Beavers (16 commits)

  • Overall Pac-12 rank: 12th
  • Overall national rank: 70th
  • Transfer Pac-12 rank: n/a
  • Transfer national rank: n/a
  • Recruit Pac-12 rank: 6th
  • Recruit national rank: 55th