Opponents to College Football Playoff expansion argue, in part, that expanding the Playoff now will just open the door to more expansion and more expansion and more expansion and so on and so forth.

The NCAA basketball tournament began with eight teams in 1939. It currently sits at 68, but might soon grow by as many as 20 teams.

According to CBS Sports Jon Rothstein, the Division I Transformation Committee has “had dialogue” to expand the field of every NCAA-sanctioned tournament to include 25% of eligible programs. In men’s basketball, that would mean going to either 90 or 91 spots in the NCAA Tournament.

March Madness is one of the greatest sporting events we have now. As college football’s conference realignment madness has raged, many have held tightly to the NCAA Tournament hoping it isn’t impacted. There’s very real opposition to expanding the tournament field.

And you’ll see all the same arguments you see from the anti-expansion crowd in college football. It’ll water down the field. It’ll lessen the impact of the regular season. It’ll lessen the quality of the NCAA Tournament.

There are some, however, who don’t seem so opposed. According to The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker, new Missouri head coach Dennis Gates wants to see the Tournament double in size.

According to Rothstein, the committee will meet later this month to discuss the idea.