While fans of the Pac-12 may be expecting a new media deal to go through in the coming weeks, they might have to wait a little longer. The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel reported the news on Tuesday.

Mandel reported that the conference is not planning on announcing a new TV deal anytime soon, especially not at the upcoming Media Days.

The Pac-12’s Media Days will start on July 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One of the sources told Mandel that part of the decision comes from the fact that there are new faces interested in the deal then there were before.

“We’ve seen folks come to the table that were not at the table six months ago,” the source said.

There’s no telling who the new suitors are when it comes to the Pac-12 media rights deal. It looks like fans will have to wait even longer before a decision is made.

The Pac-12’s current media deal with FOX and ESPN is set to expire in the summer of 2024.