Pac-12 football is looking for its home in 2024 and beyond. George Kliavkoff and Co. are negotiating the league’s next media rights deal and there has been no shortage of ink spilled (text typed?) in recent weeks about what that deal will look like.

The league’s in between a rock and a hard place. Kliavkoff needs to present a strong enough deal to the 10 remaining member schools to get them to sign on for a new Grant of Rights, but he also reportedly finds himself in a market that doesn’t seem to value his product the way he initially hoped.

That has been reported ad nauseam in recent weeks, but it was all but confirmed by Arizona State athletic director Ray Anderson during a local radio appearance on the Bickley and Marotta show on Arizona Sports on Thursday.

Here’s some of what Anderson had to say:

“Certainly, we’re all anxious to have something resolved here in the next couple, three weeks, so we can take next steps and get some of this speculation out of the air in regard to what other conferences may be thinking in terms of trying to pick off Pac-10 teams, if you will, and what we may do in terms of adding institutions. Getting a media rights deal will clear the air for figuring out some of that other stuff.

“We’ve just been forced like everyone else, unfortunately, to let this thing play out because we’re not directly in the driver’s seat. That being said, we have confidence our commissioners and our presidents and chancellors are going to get to a place where a media rights deal and a grant of rights is done. It may not be the projections originally contemplated but will be a solid enough financial situation to keep this conference together and then (we will) really work hard to move forward positively.”

Anderson added that he could see a deal coming in the next two or three weeks. That would fit with the timeline Washington State president Kirk Schultz recently offered.