With the college football season set to kick off on Saturday, fans and analysts across the country are debating who the best players are.

When it comes to the quarterback position, this is a class that is looked at as a once-in-a-decade type of class, with multiple guys expected to be high draft picks in next year’s NFL Draft. Caleb Williams (USC) and Drake Maye (UNC) are considered to be the top 2 players in all of college football.

Joel Klatt, a former quarterback himself who has 44 school records at Colorado, said it’s a very good year for quarterbacks, especially in the Pac-12.

Of the five quarterbacks on his list, three of them are in the Pac-12. Joining Williams from the Pac-12 are Bo Nix of Oregon and Michael Penix Jr. Rounding out the top five is Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis.

Here’s what Klatt had to say on each of his top five passers

5. Jordan Travis: “He is a dual-threat quarterback. I love the way he played at the end of last year, the momentum he will have coming into this season.”

4. Bo Nix: “I like Bo Nix a lot. At the beginning of last year I wouldn’t have put him in this spot, but he played so well last season.”

3. Michael Penix Jr.: “If I had to bet on anyone not named  Caleb Williams to win the Heisman it is this guy. I have been watching him since he was at Indiana.”

2. Drake Maye: “I love watching this guy play. He is a mini Josh Allen. Whatever North Carolina is going to be able to do is on the back of him.”

1. Caleb Williams: “He is the closest thing in football at any level to Patrick Mahomes, who is the best football player on the planet. Caleb Williams does things that aren’t supposed to happen in a football game.”

Williams is the first quarterback to get the season started, as USC hosts San Jose State on Saturday.