With conference realignment spinning up again, college football Twitter has become inundated with brand warfare.

Which program has a bigger “brand?” Which school brings more value? Which athletic department is cooler? With USC and UCLA announcing a future move to the Big Ten, the leftover Pac-12 teams have been divided into the desirables and the not-so-attractive teams by media and fans alike.

Official Visit recently polled 1,000 high school athletes to rank the biggest brands in college football, and you’d be surprised who tops the Pac-12.

It’s Oregon, not USC, that lands in Crawford’s top 10. The Ducks check in at No. 9, behind Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, and Alabama. The Trojans landed at No. 19, only one spot ahead of Los Angeles counterpart UCLA.

Jeremy Darlow, a brand consultant and former marketing director in football at adidas, summed up the Ducks’ success perfectly.

The Ducks are one of only two teams from the Pac-12 to make an appearance in the College Football Playoff. They’ve represented the North five times in the last 11 Pac-12 championship games, including each of the last three. They’ve consistently recruited the top classes in the Pac-12.

It’s hard to argue with the work Oregon has put in over the last two decades.

But USC is also a college football blue blood. And in Official Visit’s survey, the Trojans land behind Tennessee, Florida State, Michigan, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida, and Miami (ranked 10th). Even after a decade of sputtering on the national stage, USC still ranks 10th all-time in wins on a college football field.

Washington ranked 36th in the poll of prep athletes, with Stanford 37th, Arizona State and Utah tied for 48th, Oregon State 52nd, Arizona 54th, Colorado 57th, Cal 59th, and Washington State 64th.