Greg McElroy took some time on his “Always College Football” podcast to consider the Pac-12’s future as the league reaches a crossroads between significant departures by Southern Cal and UCLA, and a new media rights deal.

“I think the Pac-12’s going to have to get real creative in the near future, because if they don’t, they could be left behind because we know the train is leaving the station and we know the SEC and the Big Ten are on it,” he said. “The question remains will the ACC, will the Big 12 and will the Pac-12 ultimately be on the train as well.”

McElroy then added if you think realignment is done, he has oceanfront property to sell in Arizona. Ironically, the Arizona schools could be next in the mix of realignment, he said.

“I believe there is strength in numbers, if you’re there at 10 members, twisting in the wind, you might not be there for very long,” McElroy said. “But the further you can expand, the bigger you can grow, the more teams you have under your umbrella, the more likely I think you are to potentially survive this current, I guess earthquake of college football.”

SMU and San Diego State have been linked to the Pac-12 as possibilities to varying degrees.

“If those are a ‘done deal,’ I think there are at least 2 more they are considering as well,” McElroy said. “And if I were to bet my bottom dollar, the 2 more I’d be considering if I was the Pac-12 would be Rice and Tulane.”

The timeframe for these decisions is unknown, McElroy said, and added that he believes Commissioner George Kliavkoff is not sure how to land the plane.