We’re halfway through July, and some Pac-12 squads are basking in the sun, feet up, pina colada in hand.

If you’re a USC, Oregon or Stanford fan, you’re feeling pretty darn toasty. If you’re a Cal, UCLA or Washington State fan, you’re feeling left out in the cold.

With some major recent commitments — including some true whoppers, like 5-star Elijah Rushing staying close to his Tucson home and picking Arizona — I reached out to long-time friend of the show Blair Angulo, 247Sports Mountain Region Recruiting Analyst, for his thoughts.

Here’s a look at the Pac-12 midseason recruiting report card…

*All rankings are 247Sports 2024 Team rankings

Arizona Wildcats

Verbal commits: 18

National ranking: 35

Pac-12 ranking: 4

Top commit: DE Elijah Rushing (No. 8 overall)

Midsummer update: It starts with one.

And he’s a big one. When Salpointe Catholic High EDGE Elijah Rushing committed to Arizona earlier this month, he became the top recruit in program, and by a long shot. But even more than the physical talent he brings to the table as the nation’s top player at his position and No. 8 overall prospect, Rushing’s commitment is a spiritual boost for a program that has been kicked around for years, sometimes by its own foot.

Whereas Rich Rodriguez gave up easily and Kevin Sumlin didn’t even bother trying for the absolute best Tucson had to offer, Fisch made it his sole focus. Get some early season momentum, and Fisch will soon be putting together the best overall class in program history. He’s already off to a good start with 18 commits, including the 5-star Rushing and 4-star running back Jordan Washington (Long Beach Poly), who both hail from power programs.

The Angulo Angle: “It’s the culmination on all the work Jedd Fisch has been doing in emphasizing in-state recruits. It was no secret he wanted to lock up in-state talent; he said as much in his intro presser. This is the peak. All the effort was for this guy (Rushing). I don’t know if this is viable before the NIL era. Now Rushing can be marketed and branded as a hometown hero and in being the guy who can help the program rebuild.”

Overall grade: A+

Arizona State Sun Devils

Verbal commits: 16

National ranking: 45

Pac-12 ranking: 5

Top recruit: TE Jayden Fourtier (399)

Midsummer update: While lacking in top-line talent, Kenny Dillingham’s first real recruiting class is coming together nicely. Still you’d think the excitable Dillingham, the youngest head coach in the Power 5, would be able to snag at least one top-300 player by now.

Dillingham talked about owning the valley and locking up local talent, but just 5 of the programs 16 commits hail from the greater Phoenix area, while 6 are in Texas alone. That perhaps is a surprise — both that the Sun Devils are committing so much time to the state, but also that the results are bearing fruit.

Arizona State has had such a talent purge in recent years that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Sun Devils put together a huge class, even if they added a ton through the transfer portal.

The Angulo Angle: “This has been an interesting recruiting cycle so far. Kenny Dillingham has been able to dip into other parts of the country. They’re attacking Calfornia, Texas, some of those national connections Dillingham has ben able to build. ASU is using that avenue more. They do have some question marks because of whatever sanctions may be coming. But Herm had that program in such a deep hole that Dillingham, little by little, is being able to fill that.”

Overall grade: B+

Cal Bears

Verbal commits: 10

National ranking: 68

Pac-12 ranking: 11

Top recruit: ATH Rahshawn Clark (284)

Midsummer update: With Justin Wilcox firmly planted on the hot seat, Cal is facing some heavy counter-recruiting. But with a big last few weeks, the Bears are trying to build some momentum into fall camp.

Getting Clark to go along with his teammate, quarterback E.J. Caminong — a coveted 3-star flip from Washington, out of Seattle, no less — was nothing short of a coup. But two players does not a class make, and the Bears have big holes on both sides of the line of scrimmage, with just one commit on either side.

The Angulo Angle: “Another program dealing with a lot of uncertainty, and one of those schools most affected by the Pac-12 uncertainty. They were dealt a blow with the UCLA departure and how it optically came out — that Cal needed UCLA more than they wanted to admit. They’ve had to battle those questions on the trail. Plus Justin Wilcox is dealing with some hot seat concerns. There’s been so much new blood that he’s one of the elders in the conference. But you still have to like what they’ve done, with 10 commitments and a couple nice pickups.”

Overall grade: C

Colorado Buffaloes

Verbal commits: 8

National ranking: 60

Pac-12 ranking: 8

Top recruit: ATH Aaron Butler (65)

Midsummer update: We’re talking quality over quantity here, as the Buffaloes are tied for the 2nd-fewest recruits in the Pac-12 but the 3rd-highest average ranking per recruit. Still, it’s a bit underwhelming, considering the absolutely massive hype machine that Deion Sanders brought with him as the splashiest hire of the offseason.

Of course, Coach Prime dominated the transfer portal with among the best classes in the country, but it was fair to assume the Buffaloes would have a louder bullhorn at this point. Granted, Colorado is now in the running for players with much more attractive offers than Boise State and Iowa State, and there are bound to be some misses when you’re swinging for the stars.

Coach Prime keeps saying “We coming,” but it’d be nice to get some more we’s.

The Angulo Angle: “We’re all still trying to figure out what’s going to happen in Boulder. The assumption is this goes 1 of 2 ways, Colorado fails miserably or Colorado succeeds and Deion is such a commodity that he leaves. From recruiting, there are alot of question marks. I wouldn’t read too much into the lack of buzz, because they did a lot of heavy lifting in the portal, and I think that was the right approach. They needed a big turnaround. If he wins a few games, he’s going to attract high schoolers to Boulder.”

Overall grade: C-

Oregon Ducks

Verbal commits: 20

National ranking: 8

Pac-12 ranking: 2

Top recruit: OT JacQawn McRoy (58)

Midsummer update: With 20 commits, including 14 4-stars, the Ducks are absolutely dominating the recruiting trail. They rank 8th nationally but actually have a higher ceiling.

This is exactly why they hired Dan Lanning, one of the game’s great young recruiters. He is playing a bigger role in the recruitment of top players than most head coaches, and the results have been obvious. With USC and UCLA bouncing to the Big Ten, Oregon has positioned itself as the new baddest team in the Pac-12, even if they already were.

One thing you have to love is Oregon’s focus on defense, with 6 defensive 4-stars in the mix already.

The Angulo Angle: “They are recruiting tremendously well, top 10 nationally, with Dan Lanning getting into battles that only he can rally be in. Going into Texas, Georgia, the East coast — he’s using the connections at he built at Georgia — and this is why he was brought to Eugene. No one is going to outwork him on the recruiting trail. He’s going to be involved from a head coach standpoint as much as anyone in the country. You really have to like the talent acquisition for Oregon. Lanning is proving to be whatever everyone thought he would be as a head coach.”

Overall grade: A+

Oregon State Beavers

Verbal commits: 10

National ranking: 63

Pac-12 ranking: 9

Top recruit: WR Logan Saldate (422)

Midsummer update: Coming off nothing short of one of the finest seasons in program history, it’s a bit surprising the Beavers’ recruiting hasn’t picked up speed.

Then again, the Beavers are following the Utah model of A+ evaluation and scouting, and you can’t argue with what Jonathan Smith has done so far. One criticism that is fair is the lack of Pacific Northwest talent as part of this class: Only two of the 10 commits so far hail from the PNW. The Beavers could also use some bulk up front, as they have no defensive line commits so far.

The Angulo Angle: “This is a school that is just scratching the surface on what they’ll accomplish. I would never just grade the ranking with OSU. Jonathan Smith has proven he can evaluate talent. It’s about getting guys who will continue to get better. That system is working. Their hope is in a couple years, they become a Utah, sneak in and in some 4 stars in the region. You have to hope they hit home runs from an evaluation standpoint.”

Overall grade: B-

Stanford Cardinal

Verbal commits: 28

National ranking: 15

Pac-12 ranking: 3

Top recruit: QB Elijah Brown (90)

Midsummer update: Arguably the top recruiting class versus expectations in the country, for Stanford to rank 15th nationally in recruiting is a complete shock.

Troy Taylor has done a downright remarkable job starting to refill the cupboard that was about bare during the latter years of the David Shaw era. While 4-star quarterback recruit Elijah Brown is by far the standout of the class, the overall depth and breadth of this class has been impressive. Stanford has commits from 11 offensive or defensive linemen so far.

For the Cardinal to get back to their halcyon days, the staff needs to continue to prioritize rebuilding the lines.

The Angulo Angle: “This is really surprising given that Troy Taylor has not coached one game in Palo Alto. I thought he’d have to show something on the field for Stanford to once again become a destination. He’s done a tremendous job of not only getting talent on campus, but also reeling in and making players shut down their recruitment. Stanford was offering the 40-yar decision forever — you’re going to come here, get amazing an degree, get any job you want. Now, the players they’re targeting might not be huge NIL guys, but they get the long term.”

Overall grade: A

UCLA Bruins

Verbal commits: 9

National ranking: 57

Pac-12 ranking: 6 (B1G rank, 15)

Top recruit: CB Khristian Dunbar-Hawkins (299)

Midsummer update: UCLA has made it clear in the transfer portal era that the priority is seasoned portal players over developing high school prospects, but once again the Bruins’ lack of momentum is concerning.

After making perhaps the biggest splash of the 2023 recruiting cycle with top-3 quarterback Dante Moore, UCLA has barely made a ripple with this class. In an era when top talent is committing earlier than ever, the Bruins currently have one player ranked in the top 300. That’s a scary stat for a school with the natural advantages of a UCLA.

Especially with the Bruins now heading to the B1G. UCLA was expected to get a bump because of the greater visibility offered by college football’s second best conference, but that hasn’t happened. In fact, the Bruins rank 2nd-to-last in 2024 B1G recruiting.

The Angulo Angle: “They are now in our BIG rankings — USC and UCLA switched for 2024 — and there’s only 1 school ranked below UCLA: Indiana. Yet UCLA is in the upper half in average rating of commits, so it’s getting quality, but not a lot of them. Their emphasis is on the portal. Thy had a top 10 portal class in the rankings. For them, it’s about waiting and seeing what the transition to the B1G looks like. It’s not just about how it elevates them in the portal standings, but in the recruiting rankings.”

Overall grade: D

USC Trojans

Verbal commits: 17

National ranking: 5

Pac-12 ranking: 1 (B1G rank, 3)

Top recruit: EDGE Kameryn Fountain (48)

Midsummer update: If anyone was concerned about USC’s recruiting potential before last month, any doubts were erased with a 6-week run that has rivaled any school in the country.

The Trojans have soared up the team recruiting rankings list to the top spot in the Pac-12 (and 3rd in the Big Ten), while remaining in the hunt for some of the most talented prospects in the country. Close a handful more, and this is exactly the kind of recruiting class that other schools were afraid of.

USC also already has 8 defensive commitments, a critical piece in rebuilding a unit that desperately needs to catch up to the offense. The fact that the Trojans are doing this while also dominating the transfer portal is truly scary.

The Angulo Angle: “We are now seeing the promise of Lincoln Riley. USC was focused on the portal, locked in a top 3 portal class, then switched focus to high school recruiting, and now is ranked top 10. They appear to have everything going. They’re on a roll, really, heading into the season, with all the buzz around Caleb Williams. This is a program that is really on the cusp of blowing up. If they win the conference and get in the CFP, every program in the country should be scared of what USC will be able to do as a Big Ten member.”

Overall grade: A+

Utah Utes

Verbal commits: 6

National ranking: 80

Pac-12 ranking: 12

Top recruit: QB Isaac Wilson (290)

Midsummer update: Utah’s 2024 class was always going to come down to Isaac Wilson, so securing the best in-state quarterback as your potential QB of the future was priority No. 1.

But 6 commits? After back-to-back Rose Bowls? Back-to-back conference championships? With a power vacuum forming as USC and UCLA leave for the Big Ten? How uninspiring.

There’s a lot to love about Utah and Kyle Whittingham, but the fact the Utes haven’t gone after and earned commitments from more top-300 players is concerning.

The Angulo Angle: “This has been a slow start for them, which is very typical. This has been the blueprint for Utah for a number of years: go through the spring, bring in some visitors. Their biggest push and rise comes closer to the early signing period in December. They try to focus on the product on the field, so they don’t recruit as heavily as other programs. That’s by design. I wouldn’t be concerned about them having 6 commitments. But that’s incredible for a program that’s on back-to-back championships and been to two straight Rose Bowls.”

Overall grade: D

Washington Huskies

Verbal commits: 12

National ranking: 49

Pac-12 ranking: 6

Top recruit: OL Paki Finau (227)

Midsummer update: Much like Utah and Oregon State, all the on-field momentum Washington built last year hasn’t seemed to help the Huskies all that much. Getting Demaricus Davis out of SoCal after former commit Caminong de-committed was a big deal, but the class is lacking the kind of talent that Washington has historically gotten when they’ve been competitive.

Beefing up both sides of the line of scrimmage is important, and it’s a good thing that the Huskies’ top 2 recruits — Finau and 4-star EDGE Noah Carter — are linemen.

The Angulo Angle: “Another really good first few months in his Kalen DeBoer’s true recruiting class. This is now a cycle where they’ve been developing relationships for more than a year. They’ve had some decommitments and reshuffled their board, and they got on a nice run, getting double-digit commits in a short time. Really good, quality players to develop. That’s kind of the Washington way. They get the Odunzes and the Trice’s. Odunze had Oklahoma in his top 3, Trice had Notre Dame and USC offers. Some promising signs as they try to sneak into top 40.”

Overall grade: D

Washington State Cougars

Verbal commits: 12

National ranking: 66

Pac-12 ranking: 10

Top recruit: RB Josh Joyner (695)

Midsummer update: When your top recruit is ranked 695th nationally, it’s not going to be a pretty picture.

Jake Dickert is having a difficult time trying to sell his vision of the future, particularly as so may of his top competitors have better stories to sell. Dickert has done an admirable job taking over the program and fielding a competitive squad. But the Cougars are going to need to turn up the needle if they’re going to get out of the Pac-12 middle.

One plus: Wazzu is adding some solid skill position talent, including underrated quarterback Evans Chuba.

The Angulo Angle: “They’re still trying to get their bearings, too. This program has a difficult time in the offseason. Unless you’re taking a trip to Pullman in an official capacity, not a lot of recruits make it up there. They have to hit home runs on a couple guys and hope their evals check out. I do love the recent commitment from (Bishop Gorman 3-star athlete) Jaylon Edmond.

Overall grade: D