We’ve already done the every Pac-12 program’s home records across the past 5 seasons, now it’s time to take a look at each program’s away losses in the last full season of the 12-team Pac-12 conference.

Winning on the road is obviously much harder than winning at home. That shows well in the Pac-12 especially, with only 4 programs in the conference sitting with an above .500 record across the past 5 seasons.

It’s important to note this list includes only true road contests and will not delve into neutral site games. Here’s how the full list shakes out.

  • Oregon: 14-9
  • Utah: 15-10
  • USC: 14-11
  • Washington: 11-9
  • UCLA: 11-12
  • Washington State: 11-12
  • Stanford: 12-15
  • Arizona State: 9-14
  • Cal: 8-16
  • Oregon State: 8-17
  • Arizona: 4-19
  • Colorado: 4-19

There is not much that surprises about this list. It speaks pretty well to the hierarchy of the conference, actually. The poorer teams in the conference struggled to win on the road, while the top dawgs such as Oregon, Utah, USC and Washington all sit at the top with above .500 records.

Oregon and Utah both have won 60% of their away games across the past 5 seasons.