Conference realignment has not slowed down yet with the landscape of college athletics further thrown on its head this summer.

The latest round of moves to send a ripple across the country include Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah heading to the Big 12. The Big Ten also landed Washington and Oregon from the Pac-12 to go with the previously announced additions of USC and UCLA beginning in 2024.

In the aftermath, a group of Cal, Stanford, Oregon State and Washington State are left hanging in the balance and scrambling to see what is next. Cal and Stanford have notably looked like an option for the ACC, but another report has indicated one home for all 4 remaining programs has surfaced.

According to Michael Silver with the San Francisco Chronicle, the Big 12 has surfaced as a potential home for Stanford and Cal. In that scenario, Oregon State and Washington State could also join the Big 12.

As of right now, the Big 12 is primed to rise to a 16-team league next year. BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston have been added to the league with Texas and Oklahoma leaving for the SEC in 2024.

If the Big 12 could add the remaining Pac-12 programs, it would rise to a 20-team league, trumping the new Big Ten that will be at 18 teams beginning next year.