Oregon and Washington won’t be joining the Big Ten today.

USC and UCLA announced plans to join the conference on Thursday, and the attention immediately shifted to what would come next. Would Oregon follow? Would it bring a partner? Would the Big Ten bring aboard two West Coast teams when the next-closest program in the footprint was in Lincoln, Nebraska, and not add any more to bridge that Mountain time zone-sized gap?

According to CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, the Big Ten is waiting on a decision from Notre Dame before it makes its next move.

And that means Oregon and Washington are in a holding pattern while the league sits and waits.

Reports Thursday night suggested no other Pac-12 team was preparing to join the Big Ten, but Dodd’s report leaves a bit to interpretation.

Did Washington and Oregon reach out only to be told no? Did they have discussions and agree to table things for the time being while the Big Ten goes after another target?

Things are fluid right now. Anything could happen.