The Oregon community is hurting following the passing of 22-year-old Duck Spencer Webb on Wednesday, and the rest of the Pac-12 made sure to know the Ducks weren’t alone.

Every other program issued shows of support Thursday, in some form or another. They’ll be listed below.

Webb passed away Wednesday from a fatal head injury suffered in an accidental cliff diving accident. It left many in not just Eugene but around college football heartbroken. The fifth-year junior was a symbol of perseverance, taken too soon.

“My mom walked out on me when I was very young,” Webb said during an interview when he was still in high school. “They had substance abuse problems so that was pretty tough. My dad had substance abuse issues so he left me but he came back. I respect him for that. I look at my brother as my dad.”

John Canzano offered a beautiful tribute to him on his Substack:

Others will attempt to define Spencer Webb with his receptions and yards. They’ll embed video clips of him catching passes at Oregon and turn him into nothing more than a football player. The guy was so much more. He was a living, breathing example of a kid dealt a bad hand, who worked hard to rise above it.

Webb is survived by his older brother, Cody—who became Spencer’s legal guardian 10 years ago—his sister-in-law, Alicia, and his aunt and uncle, who all helped raise him.