Oregon’s new offensive coordinator had another interview to pass even after accepting the job from Dan Lanning.

In talking with Joey McMurry on the Duck’s in-house radio show on Wednesday, Will Stein said shortly after taking the Ducks’ OC job, he jumped on a call with quarterback Bo Nix to gauge Nix’s interest in a return. At the time Stein says he made the call, Nix was still two weeks away from announcing his return.

And he had questions of his own for Stein.

“It was about as grueling of an interview as it was coach Lanning,” Stein said. “Anybody who knows Bo knows he’s meticulous and he’s detailed and he’s thorough. I’m guessing he had about 20 questions lined up.”

And the call lasted about 45 minutes.

“I got to know him very quickly and who he is as a person and as a player, and what is really meaningful to him. It starts with his faith and his family, and he loves football,” Stein continued. “I think he felt my passion for the game through that conversation. We really hit it off from the get-go. We have very similar mindsets and just want to get better.”

The son of a coach, Nix is a football junkie. And Stein thinks he has a coaching career in front of him once his playing days are done.

“He’s probably in the office right now watching tape somewhere, and if he’s not watching tape, he’s recruiting. I’ve told him once he’s done playing that if he ever wanted to be a coach, he will kill it,” Stein said. “I think he could be a college or NFL head coach.

“He has that kind of mind football-wise, he’s great at developing relationships, and he can recruit. I mean a lot of the guys we’re signing or that we’re getting in the portal is because Bo is a great recruiter and if your quarterback can recruit, that helps a lot.”