Dan Lanning has two hats right now: a green one and a red one.

As the new Oregon head coach has set out putting together a new staff in Eugene, recruiting players on the current roster to come back and be part of his new-look Ducks team, and recruiting the next class of Ducks, he has also had to pull double-duty as the Georgia defensive coordinator.

The Bulldogs have spent the last month readying for the College Football Playoff and an Orange Bowl semifinal date with Michigan. After a loss to Alabama in the SEC title game, Georgia was surely hoping for a chance at redemption in the CFP.

And it’ll get exactly that.

Alabama beat Cincinnati Friday afternoon in the first of two semifinal games to secure a spot in the CFP National Championship, and Georgia wrapped up its spot in the game a little later with an absolutely dominant performance against Michigan.

Lanning committed to finishing out what he started with Georgia. And the gameplan he put together for the Wolverines worked to perfection. The Bulldogs held Michigan to just three points through the first three quarters; they went on to win 34-11. Michigan had just 88 rushing yards for the game and went 1-for-3 in the red zone. Georgia generated seven tackles for loss and four sacks. Michigan posted a paltry 19% success rate.

And new offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham was every Oregon fan everywhere watching the game unfold. “Giddy” is a word that feels appropriate to describe Dillingham’s mood.


Maybe a little late-night recruiting going on here. Maybe just a coach excited about his new boss. Maybe a little of both.

Dillingham will get one more chance to watch Lanning coach up the Bulldogs, as they’re set to face Alabama for the national title on Monday, Jan. 10.