Tosh Lupoi is a no-nonsense guy, and he wants a no-nonsense approach from his team.

That’s the vibe as Oregon gets rolling in fall camp. There’s no talk about Georgia looming on Sept. 3. “We all have a long ways to go,” the Oregon defensive coordinator told reporters after Day 2 of practice. In referencing his past college experience, Lupoi wouldn’t even mention Alabama by name. It’s all about the Ducks and, as coach Dan Lanning has said, getting 1% better in everything they do each day.

“Guys are coming out and attacking. Really respecting how the group is answering the challenges,” Lupoi said of the defense. “Now, it’s kind of like the honeymoon, so we’re all excited. Day 2, beginning, new crew, new defense, new staff, all that stuff. We’re building this culture all together, coaches included, but I’m excited about the direction we’re going.”

Lupoi said he wanted to see what things looked like when the pads went on. That happened Sunday. But, even that would create some excitement, the first time players get to hit each other after months of conditioning work and, as Lupoi called it, underwear Olympics.

“I think toughness will come along as you do it each day,” Lupoi said. “Can we wake up, can we come to the meetings with the right intensity, can we have the attention to detail that’s required, can we mentally lock in when we need to, and then when we go out on the field can we execute with some physicality and violence?”

One way to keep the foot on the gas? Make sure everyone knows that no job is safe.

“If there’s a younger guy that can offer us an advantage, he’s going to play for us, and then it’s gotta be my job and the coaches’ jobs that we make complexities clear,” Lupoi said.

Lanning and Lupoi and the rest of the coaching staff are looking to push tempo in practice, mostly because they want to best simulate game scenarios as often as possible. Create stress. Create strain. Watch to see who rises to the standard.

“We challenge them every day to operate to the standard,” Lupoi said. “In spring ball, there was a lot of positive reinforcement. Now, we’ve got to (give a) reality check. Now, we’re going to point out what’s not to our standard and we’re going to celebrate what is.”

You can see his full post-practice availability below: