Oregon doesn’t seem to be having any issues this week when it comes to bringing the energy.

In fact, there might be an issue born out of simply being too amped to get back on the field after suffering its first loss of the season.

“I’d say the passion and intensity was a little too much yesterday. We’ve got to level that out because there’s a rule of diminishing returns to where, when you have too much juice, you can’t focus on the job at hand,” coach Dan Lanning said Wednesday. “Today, that was much better. Now, there was definitely intensity out there on the field, but it’s the leveling that out and feeling where that passion’s at.”

Defensive lineman Brandon Dorlus called Monday’s practice “ridiculous.” On Sunday, veterans on the team went into meetings and urged guys to forget the loss and move forward. What resulted was an angry Monday practice.

And you could still hear it in Dorlus’ voice on Tuesday.

“I think that was the hardest Monday practice we’ve seen,” Dorlus said. “Even just looking at the records on the GPS, seeing how fast we were moving. That was the hardest practice we’ve had and that just shows you that loss meant a lot to everybody. The season’s not done with, and we’ve got a lot of football to be played, so we’re gonna show the world what’s up.”

At one point, Dorlus said he wasn’t going to get too hung up about a 36-33 loss to Washington because he believes the two teams are going to meet again.

That would happen with a Pac-12 championship — the last Pac-12 championship — on the line.

“The guys have really rallied,” said tight end Patrick Herbert. “We had guys here all day on Sunday. (Monday) was probably one of the most physical practices we’ve had in a while, and that’s on the players, not the coaches. We wanted to be physical. There’s been a lot of response by the older guys in the locker room, so it’s been cool to see.”

The Ducks host Washington State on Saturday (12:30 p.m., ABC). A year ago, this matchup produced one of the most entertaining games of the season. With Washington State looking to halt a two-game losing skid and Oregon hell-bent on preventing one, more of the same could be in store.