Jurrion Dickey hasn’t gotten to feature much in the Ducks’ offense this season, but the anticipation for the former 5-star wide receiver remains through the roof.

Dickey is a supremely talented wideout with sky-high potential. And he’s a young player with a tremendous amount of confidence. Dickey picked No. 99 for his jersey number this year — as unique as it gets for a skill position player. When he met with reporters earlier this week, he explained the decision.

“Nobody believed me at first. But when I came out of practice with it, everybody’s like, ‘No way, no way,'” Dickey said. “No. 99 is a cool number that stood out to me. And it shows also that the number doesn’t determine the player, the player determines the number.”

Fans are hoping to see more of Dickey in the Fiesta Bowl when Oregon meets Liberty on Jan. 1.

The freshman wideout appeared in just four games and only logged a handful of snaps on offense during the regular season. this week, he shared that he tore his meniscus on the opening kickoff of the first game of his senior season in high school and has spent the bulk of this season getting back to 100%.

“It was frustrating but you’ve just gotta go through it,” Dickey said. “Sometimes things hit you and you’ve just gotta bounce back from it. I learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t actually pay attention to if I wasn’t injured.”

Dickey finished his high school career with 140 receptions, 2,537 receiving yards and 42 total touchdowns (37 receiving, two kickoff returns, two rushing, and one interception return) while averaging 18.1 yards per catch.

He’s a special talent, and a skill player flying around making plays while sporting the No. 99 would certainly be a special sight.