Bo Nix had a career year in his fourth college football season. Nix, a transfer from Auburn, was the star of a 10-win Oregon team, posting the best passing numbers of his career during his senior season. In 2023, Nix is using the NCAA’s COVID-19 waiver to return for a super senior season. While looking to build on the Ducks’ 2022 success, Nix will also be working on boosting his NFL Draft stock.

Former Oregon QB Joey Harrington recently appeared on the Sco-ing Long Podcast to discuss Nix. Harrington noted that Nix was a potential Heisman Trophy candidate in 2022 if not for an ankle injury. He joked that not getting hurt was a way for Nix to enhance his play in 2023.

“The only reason that he wasn’t a Heisman contender at the end of the season is because he hurt his ankle, right?” Harrington said on the podcast. “He was literally just skyrocketing up and, you know, Oregon was on track to be in the playoff discussion.”

On a more serious note, Harrington said that Nix will look to improve upon his strengths to show NFL teams that he is truly elite.

“There are the little things, you know, like being more consistent from the pocket,” Harrington added. “There are little things that he did. Not that he was bad from the pocket — he was fantastic from the pocket, right? But you have to be elite if you’re going to be in the NFL. So there are things that he has identified that can help take him from what third or fourth-round pick to a second-round pick.”

Harrington speaks from experience. After his standout Oregon career, he was picked No. 3 overall in the 2002 NFL Draft. He played professionally through the 2008 season.

More from Harrington on how the NFL will evaluate Nix can be heard on the podcast.

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