Oregon blasted Hawaii on Saturday, 55-10, to close out nonconference play with an unblemished 3-0 record and extend the nation’s longest home nonconference winning streak.

After the game, head coach Dan Lanning met with reporters to recap things. Here’s what he said, with quotes below:

Opening statement

“Really fun atmosphere tonight. I thought our team started really fast, and showed what we were capable of from an efficiency standpoint. Really on all phases of the game. From special teams to offense and defense. I thought we played complete. I am extremely disappointed with the penalties and how they hurt us there. It is something we coach really hard, but we are not coaching well enough. So, that’s the first thing we’re going to attack. We have to figure out how to make sure we are accountable as a program. Talk about going into the half with a ton of momentum and three penalties end up leading to a score at the end of the first half. So that is extremely frustrating, something we want to correct. Penalties again in that last series led to another score. So, if we haven’t figured out the formula yet, I am extremely disappointed in us. Now I don’t want that to overshadow a lot of the positive that happened. I thought we moved the line of scrimmage. I thought we applied pressure. I thought our coaches had a really good game plan, but we are certainly not satisfied. I was thrilled about the crowd tonight. I thought they were electric. We showed up for a big game and I know they are going to be even better next week.

On the secondary against Hawaii

“I thought we had bodies on bodies. The best coverage at times can be a good rush and I thought we had a good rush throughout the night. Again, we have to learn how to be able to play with the ball in the air and not cause penalties. If you look at the third down penalty that led to an opportunity for them to go down and have an opportunity to score. Really solid performance at times, but we are certainly looking for opportunities to get better.”

On penalties and moving forward

“I am not going to do the same thing again and again and expect a different result, so we are going to do something different and figure out if we can get it fixed and if we can’t then they can’t be on the field. If you are going to get penalties, then you can’t be on the field, and it is going to be that simple. If you get a penalty, you can’t play for us; you are hurting the team.”

On other areas of improvement

“I’m going to find something. I can’t say something right now, but I’ll find something. We’re not going to be satisfied with that result. That being said, I did think we were really close to playing a complete game, but that overshadowed it a bit for me.”

On WR Tez Johnson

“I think he’s had some really great performances that have shown up more in practice. I’m going to challenge him to go catch the punt return in the air so we can save some hidden yards. I’m going to challenge him to hold onto the ball better and not put it in jeopardy. We didn’t turn over the ball tonight, but there is a thing called ball-in-jeopardy plays and there were some ball-in-jeopardy plays where we gave an opportunity for the opponent to go and attack it. We have to do a better job of that, but I am really pleased with Tez. I am really pleased with all those wideouts. There are some guys in there who are certainly making us better, but I want to make sure that we continue to grow.”

On DL Jordan Burch

“I know when that guy plays with a violent physical effort that I know he is capable of being a dominant player and I think that showed up early in the game. I thought we were assignment sound tonight. Sometimes in the past two weeks, the entire defense and offense, when we executed our job, we are going to like the results. I thought everyone in the framework of the defense executed their job and made the plays when they came to them. When their opportunity came to them, they did a good job making plays. Jordan (Burch) did a great job on that rush tonight. I hope that is the first of many for him.”

On WR Traeshon Holden the rest of the room

“Traeshon had some great plays from him tonight and I am really excited for him to go get that, but I wrote down that we need to go hit the jugs because I saw some drops out there too. Let’s figure out how we can catch them better. So, really pleased, but in games that are going to be tighter down the wire, every opportunity matters and how can we challenge ourselves to improve there. I was really glad to see him have a big game. He started for us on kickoffs as well. How many different roles can guys serve on our team? We have a lot of numbers. I don’t know how many guys played tonight, but we played a lot of people and to be the team we can be I want to continue to play a lot of people.”

On the importance of offensive depth

“It’s really important. You can’t play a whole season with the same guys. And the reality is next year there is going to be a new team, and who are we developing on our roster to become elite players down the road. I see guys out there making plays for us now that didn’t have a huge role on our team last year, but they’re making plays for us now. We want to continue to see that grow and develop.”

On room for growth

“Well, I think every game is important, so that doesn’t necessarily change for us, but what do I want to see? Growth. Right? I saw a team in that locker room tonight, their eyes were burning through their skull cause they’re hungry to get better. That’s what I want to continue to see. They don’t need any extra motivation; I’ve got a group of dogs in there that want to go. Let’s just let that carry over to Monday. What’s Monday’s practice going to look like? What’s Tuesday going to look like? And I can predict the result on Saturday if those look right.”

On QB Ty Thompson

“Yeah, I thought he was extremely engaged throughout the game and ready as soon as his opportunity was called and handled it really well. I know the roll out pass there, the naked he had early, I think he probably wishes he had that one back, could’ve put that one in front of Casey a little bit, but overall, he’s done a great job operating our system when he’s gotten in. “

On DB Jahlil Florence

“I think he’s always been capable. I think his focus has gotten to another level, and I think there’s another level in there, there’s another step for that guy. But he’s got a great ability, and I’m going to continue to challenge him to get better and continue to make plays and become elite.”

On DL Popo Aumavae

“I wish he could play ten years, I mean how long has he been in college? I’m really pleased with Popo (Aumavae). He wears it on his face at practice, just his excitement to be around the game of football and a guy that had a lot of reps and experience but when he shows up on Saturday he makes us a different team and Ive always thought the game was won up front and when you can dominate in the interior you can be really successful and Popo makes us better.”

On emphasizing Polynesian culture

“It is bigger than football. We have a platform that we need to be able to use for great causes. That is a cause worth fighting for, so it means a lot to our players. We have a lot of players who are touched by the events in Maui. It means a lot to our program to give back so it will always be about more than just football for us.”

On moving on to conference play

“I’m hoping you guys will stop asking me questions so I can go watch the rest of their game. We’re excited to go play a great opponent. This is going to be an awesome atmosphere for the Oregon Ducks and this is one of those marquee games that we are really excited about, so we know we’re going to get everybody’s best which is exactly what we want. I have a lot of respect for that team and obviously they are a completely different team than they were last year so let’s see what they look like when they go out on the field. I hope we get their best and we are certainly going to try and give them ours.”

On Colorado HC Deion Sanders

“I’d be a fool not to recognize all of the success they have created on a team that didn’t have a lot of success before. He’s done a phenomenal job and recruited a lot of players that I am familiar with personally, they are there playing for him, they’ve got a good roster, and they are winning games. It doesn’t matter how but they’re winning games.”

On how Oregon will defend Colorado

“I have a ton of respect for their offensive coordinator. He does a great job of looking at what you’ve done on film and where weaknesses exist and exploiting that. We have to look at ourselves as intently as he’s going to look at us and ways to attack us, so I think that’s important this week. Where are the things that have hurt us? And I think that’s going to show up throughout the season. I always say if you don’t want to see something make sure it doesn’t happen. Some of those things have happened to us so we have to make sure we’re ready for them.”