Dan Lanning met with reporters Wednesday evening following the Ducks’ first practice of fall camp.

The second-year Oregon head coach said he saw good and bad from Day 1. He liked the energy levels, but noted his team needs to get in football playing shape and continue to move in the right direction.

Here’s his post-practice availability, with select quotes below:

On the running back room

“I think we got a great running back room and I think we have multiple guys in that room that can push to play — and a lot of snaps. You know, I think obviously Noah (Whittington) has the most experience. Jordan (James) has a lot of experience back there as well. We want to use as many guys that can play for us at a high level.”

On the thing he saw from practice he was most happy with

“Man, the football field. I’m just excited to be out on the grass. I think every one of our players is as well.”

On the linebackers adding some size in the offseason

“Yeah, ultimately, I didn’t think we had enough knock-back tackles last year. We’ve got to be a team that can have knock-back tackles and not lose yards after contact. You start doing that by getting bigger and stronger in the weight room. I think our guys challenged themselves to do that.”

On a positive takeaway from the first practice

“We played fast. We want to play fast. I saw that in moments. And then I saw moments where it wasn’t as good, so it’s something we can continue to improve on.”

On what went into Bryce Boettcher moving from defensive back to middle ‘backer

“He likes to hit. He’s a good tackler. I think his best attributes are those attributes that you like to see in a linebacker. It’s gonna be a transition process for him, but he has good speed, he gets to the ball, and plays with a certain level of toughness. Having him down there I think helps us.”

On the why the move from safety to linebacker is a smooth transition

“You put your guys in position where you think they can play a high level for you. Ultimately, you can’t play linebacker the way you used to in college football. The Mike linebacker that goes A-gap to A-gap doesn’t exist anymore. You’ve got to be able to cover tight ends. You’ve got to be able to cover backs. You’ve got to be able to run sideline to sideline, so that’s a big piece of it.”