Dan Lanning and Oregon are 4-0 on the season after a thorough demolishing of Colorado in Week 4. Though the team has a perfect record, the Ducks have been far from perfect in every game.

Meeting with the media on Wednesday, Lanning was asked about the program learning how to win on the road. In Week 2, Oregon traveled to Texas Tech and won but suffered a number of mistakes in a nail-biting win.

As Oregon prepares to travel to Stanford this weekend, Lanning says the program is solely focused on meeting the standard and used an analogy from Jalen Hurts to make his point:

“I thought Jalen Hurts said it perfectly the other day when he was talking about 1A and 1B. 1A: win, right? 1B: play to the standard. If you do one without the other you’re going to feel unfulfilled. And that’s really what it’s about for us,” said Lanning. “We want to hit 1A and 1B. We want to play to the standard and we want to win the game but win the game most importantly. We were able to do that at (Texas) Tech but we didn’t feel like we played to the standard. That’s what we want to bring this week.”

That game against Texas Tech included 30 points allowed and over 450 yards of offense for the Red Raiders. As a result, the Ducks had to score 20 fourth-quarter points and hold on late for the victory.

Hopefully, the performance will be a more complete one on the road this time around.