Dan Lanning met with reporters Monday night in Eugene for his first game-week press conference of the 2023 season.

Lanning begins Year 2 as the head coach of the Oregon Ducks on Saturday against Portland State. He talked about early impressions of the Vikings, gave a brief update on the Ducks’ injury situation, and touched on much more.

Here’s what Lanning said, with select quotes below:

On Portland State offensive impressions

“Biggest thing is their quarterback is extremely dynamic. He’s a guy that’s really fast and shows up. You can see it. When you watch their explosive play tape, you realize really quick he’s a guy that has the ball in his hands. They have one of the deeper target areas, as far as throws down the field. They throw it down the field quite a bit. I think average target’s over 12 yards for them from a passing game standpoint. And then they have a couple dynamic players they’ve done a good job using on that side of the ball.

“Defensively, they have some guys that run to the ball, play like their hair’s on fire. It’s kind of an exotic scheme. It’ll be interesting to see, I know they’ve had some changes staff-wise. You kind of have to prepare for everything you’ve seen on film for there and even previous schools these coaches have been at to prepare for them.”

On the availability of Nishad Strother and Jackson Powers-Johnson

“I think so. Nishad will be a question. JPJ was practicing with us today and was doing great.”

On the injury situation on the defensive side of the ball

“Yeah, we should have our guys available. Right now, we’re still waiting to see what it looks like as we get closer. We have some guys that still have to get healthy.”

On what he hopes to see in Week 1, regardless of the outcome

“There’s more turnovers in college football in Week 1 and the bowl week than there is at any other time in the season. There’s more missed tackles in Week 1 and in the bowl game than there is at any other time in the season. That’s because of the long vacancy between games. So, starting there.

“But, ultimately, college football is still about explosive plays and takeaways. Those are things we want to create.”

On what he has learned about his team

“I think we’ve got a really competitive team. It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing on that field, the guys that are in that space, they want to win. It could be a drill in practice or it could be a two-minute period at the end of practice or it could be a game. These guys want to compete.

“From a toughness standpoint, that’s still being shown. It’s a long season. Football, you’re gonna have bangs, you’re gonna have hits, you’re gonna get dinged here and there. We’ve got to see what kind of team we look like at the end of the season but obviously that starts right now.”

On Matayo Uiagalelei being able to play right away

“Well, he’s intelligent. Matayo is a really smart player. I think he can conceptualize things we’re trying to do. And then obviously from a size standpoint, he doesn’t look like a freshman. He’s got great size and speed. He’s been well-trained. He played at a high school at a really high level with good players, some talent, and then he’s come here and he’s worked really hard to be developed. I think that gives him an opportunity — as well as some other guys — to be able to make an impact.”