Bucky Irving has been in this situation before and knows that the only thing Oregon can do is pick its head up after losing to Washington.

Irving and Oregon lost to Washington 36-33 Saturday. The Ducks drove all the way down the field and missed a game-tying field goal as time expired.

Irving was asked Tuesday how Oregon has responded to the loss. The team has been here before and knows that it needs to keep grinding.

“We’ve been here before. I mean, we’ve just got to put our heads down and grind,” said Irving. “We can’t really sit around and pout and think about the loss.”

The team as a whole has started to practice a lot harder than usual after the loss. Irving explained that the Washington loss doesn’t define the Ducks’ season. The Ducks are going to work hard no matter the result.

“I mean, win or loss we gonna come to work,” said Irving. “That one loss doesn’t define our season, so we’re just gonna put our heads down and work.”

The focus for Irving and his teammates has now shifted to Washington State. The team is looking at things from a week-by-week point of view.

“It’s week-by-week. Right now, we’re gonna focus on Washington State,” said Irving. “That is what’s in front of us, so we’re gonna worry about them and each and every game.”

The Ducks face the Cougars at 12:30 p.m. PT Saturday on ABC.