Bo Nix’s Heisman Trophy campaign is off to a big start. Billboards in New York and Dallas are hyping the Oregon quarterback, and have the college football world buzzing on social media.

Nix was asked about the billboards during a Wednesday media opportunity.

“It’s way out of my hands,” Nix told reporters. “It’s a lot bigger than me. It is a blessing to be in that opportunity and be in that position. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates first of all, to even be in this situation where someone wants to do this for me.

“It speaks to the university. It speaks to the football program. It speaks to how prestigious it is go to a place like Oregon. At one time you’re on one side, and you get to a school like Oregon and then things change and your story changes. I’m just blessed.”

Nix does not expect to see either billboard up close and in person, but he appreciates the unique design in Dallas.

“It’s cool,” Nix said. “Those designers are good at what they do. They saw an opportunity and went with it. I think it’s cool. I never thought I’d see something like that of myself, but an opportunity presents itself, and you get to play with guys like I do and play for coaches like I do, and all of a sudden you’re in that situation.”

Nix is using the NCAA’s COVID-19 waiver for an extra year of eligibility. After 3 seasons at Auburn, he posted the best numbers of his career in 2022 at Oregon. Last season, Nix completed 71.9% of his passes for 3,593 yards, 29 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions while rushing for 510 yards and 14 scores. Nix also had a receiving TD last season.

No. 15 Oregon opens its 2023 season against Portland State on Sept. 2.