Travis Hunter says there’s only one choice for the No. 1 spot in a preseason Heisman ranking for the 2023 season.

“And that’s me,” he said on YouTube recently.

The first-year Colorado defensive back and receiver hosts an episodic show on Bleacher Report called “12 Talks.” On an episode published Monday, he talked about a wide variety of topics ranging from Dan Lanning’s comments on the Buffs leaving for the Big 12, Deion Sanders’ viral message about fighting, and his top six teams in the country this year.

But Hunter also gave his top four players in his Heisman standings at the start of the season. Here’s his ranking.

4. Bo Nix, Oregon

Hunter: “I believe Bo Nix is gonna be that guy at Oregon. He’s gonna be the torch for Oregon, who will go as far as they want to go.”

3. Caleb Williams, USC

Hunter: “Y’all seen his game this weekend. He’s that guy. He’s all of the above. He goes out there, works hard, I can tell he works hard. Knows what the reads (are), he knows when to get out the pocket, he knows when to stay in the pocket. He just makes good decisions and, I mean, that’s what you need at the quarterback spot.”

2. Shedeur Sanders, Colorado

Hunter: “My quarterback. That boy good. Y’all are gonna see this year coming out. He can read. A lot of people just don’t know, he can get out that pocket and move. He ain’t just no pocket passer. He makes great decisions, he knows when to get the ball out of his hands. He knows what’s going on and when to get that ball to who he needs to get that ball to with the right timing. He knows how to get the ball to his playmakers and let them go to work.

1. Travis Hunter, Colorado

Hunter: “Come on, man. There’s only one choice, and that’s me. Both sides of the ball, I’m going for it all. Got to. Sophomore year. Like I said on Instagram, Heisman loading. That’s my goal. That’s what I’m reaching. Sometimes you’ve gotta put your goals out there and let everybody know what you’re reaching. I’m just gonna do what I can do best this year, show everybody that me going to Jackson State and ‘not playing in a good conference’ wasn’t (bad) for me. I’m gonna show the doubters and prove them wrong.

“I’ve just got to do my part on defense and we’re gonna take this team far. We’re gonna take this team as long as we do what we are here to do. That’s win.”