Shedeur Sanders absolutely shredded the TCU defense on Saturday during Colorado’s 45-42 win.

In his Buffs debut, Sanders set a program record for passing yards. He completed 38 of his 47 pass attempts for 510 yards and four scores. TCU had no answer for the former Jackson State standout, who made his Power Five debut with a near-flawless display of passing.

Sanders’ father, CU head coach Deion Sanders, said on the Pat McAfee Show on Monday that there was an extra bit of motivation to go out and perform.

“When we went to the camp of a certain school, and the certain coordinator we just played against, the offensive coordinator, he was at that school and we went to this school at camp and he didn’t pay (Shedeur) no attention,” Deion said. “I don’t even think he barely spoke to him. He just pushed him off to the side.

“I went and told somebody, ‘Hey man, that ain’t no way to treat him. That’s not right.’ And (Sanders) remembered that. He told me probably 20 minutes after the little situation happened, he said, ‘Dad, we’ll never come back here again.'”

That certain coordinator would be first-year TCU offensive coordinator Kendal Briles.

And, according to comments made by Coach Prime on the Colorado Football Coaches Show last week, the camp incident came when Briles was the coordinator at Florida Atlantic in 2017.

The first-year Colorado coach said his son had a prior relationship with then-FAU coach Willie Taggart and was considering FAU. But after he felt he was disrespected by Briles, Shedeur turned elsewhere.

How fitting that Shedeur’s first FBS game came against a team that had just hired Briles? Deion said Shedeur was “intense” but “so relaxed and ready” for the game.

“He wanted to beat that guy so bad that he just went to work,” Deion Sanders said.