Shedeur Sanders got the green light after Nebraska’s third turnover of the first half.

An ugly interception from Nebraska quarterback Jeff Sims gave CU the football at the Nebraska 30 with 2:43 remaining in the first half. Colorado had been sputtering on offense to that point, struggling to contain the Nebraska pass rush. But Colorado offensive coordinator Sean Lewis gave Sanders a shot pass on the ensuing play and CU’s offensive line gave him the protection he needed for it to develop.

Sanders had all day to throw and was able to find Tar’Varish Dawson in the soft spot of the coverage for 30 yards and the former Auburn receiver’s first touchdown of the year.

After a record-setting day in the opener, CU struggled on its opening drives against Nebraska. The Huskers got pressure thanks to a secondary that clamped down on CU’s receivers. Colorado’s offense had four punts on its first four drives after punting a total of three times against TCU the week prior.

But repeated Nebraska miscues put stress on the Husker defense to keep CU under wraps. Late in the half, the dam seemed to break.

Here’s the interception from Nebraska.

The Buffs went into the halftime break leading 13-0.