RJ Young has already put Deion Sanders and Colorado in elite company in recruiting, and he pointed to a recent example for why the FOX Sports analyst has Coach Prime next to Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Ryan Day and Lincoln Riley.

Young came to this conclusion after Sanders flipped Cormani McClain from Miami, and he will be paired with Travis Hunter as former No. 1 cornerback recruits. It shows that Sanders is not going away, and will be in this position for a long time. Young noted that Sanders went from a program that couldn’t get clean water, to Colorado where water is coming off the mountains.

The Mclain news is, “another reason for you to get on the train before it leaves the station,” Young said.

In further context, Young said Sanders has elevated himself to be in the coaching tier with the very best in the country.

“What does this move mean for Deion. It means that nobody is off limits to him,” Young said. “That puts him in an echelon with Nick Saban, with Kirby Smart, with Ryan Day, with Lincoln Riley, very, very quickly, and again, hasn’t yet coached a game in the Power 5. But is landing 5-star recruits, give that just a thing.”

Young then asked for an example of the previous first-year coach to land 5-star recruits before coaching in a game.

“It is one that is jarring,” Young said.