Jim Mora has been out of the Pac-12 coaching circle for a while now, but he seems to have some strong opinions on how a new coach in the conference is handling his first few months.

Mora seemingly took a shot at Colorado head coach Deion Sanders on Twitter Tuesday. He took issue with a tweet from an outgoing Colorado transfer who insisted Sanders told him to hit the portal but will not allow him to keep his practice tape.

Mora, without naming Sanders directly, alluded to the move being “fueled by paranoia” and insisted Sanders’ job is instead to “advocate for your student-athletes, current and past.”

Below is the transfer’s original tweet, followed by Mora’s:

Something strange seems to be going on in Boulder. Over 40 Colorado players have entered the transfer portal since Sanders was hired and nearly 20 of those additions have done so since Monday. Coach Prime foreshadowed this in December, but to see it actually come to fruition is truly bizarre.

Time will tell if this strategy works out of Sanders.