Greg McElroy sounded rather disgusted reacting to Colorado’s 46-43 overtime loss to Stanford last Friday.

The Buffaloes held a 29-0 lead at the halftime break and then it just vanished. Stanford found some rhythm in the passing game and wideout Elic Ayomanor came alive. Against a Buffalo secondary that finally had Travis Hunter back on the field, Ayomanor caught 13 passes for 294 yards and three touchdowns — all of which came after halftime.

“That’s insane,” McElroy said this week on the Always College Football podcast. And he felt like Stanford was simply running the same play over and over again.

But with a 29-0 halftime lead, Stanford should have been expected to throw the football around the yard to try and claw back in.

Colorado was a willing partner in that crusade. The Buffs ran it 16 times in the second half. They threw the ball 30 times and were sacked on three other passing plays.

“Not being able to run the ball is ultimately what is killing Colorado right now,” the ESPN analyst said.

The Buffs fell to 4-3 on the season with the loss. They opened 3-0, and they’ve lost three of their first four conference games. Looking at the closing schedule, McElroy doesn’t think Colorado makes it to a bowl game despite needing just two wins in its final five to qualify.

“I don’t think it’s likely that they get another win this season because every team they face down the stretch is better than them,” McElroy said. “Can they pull off an upset? Sure. But going bowling (is) looking highlight unlikely for the Colorado Buffaloes right now.

CU is on a bye this week before facing No. 25 UCLA at the Rose Bowl on Oct. 28. After that, the Buffs will host No. 12 Oregon State and Arizona before back-to-back road games against Washington State and No. 14 Utah.