Deion Sanders has the Colorado Buffaloes off to a 2-0 start.

One year after a 1-11 season, the Buffs look like a force to be taken seriously. Colorado won its opener in a back-and-forth shootout. Week 2 provided a different test, but one the Buffs still managed to pass.

Quarterback Shedeur Sanders threw for 393 yards and scored three total touchdowns. The defense came away with four takeaways. It wasn’t a pretty win, but a win is a win.

After the game, Sanders met with reporters to recap things. Here’s everything he said:

Opening statement

“Great win. Started off slow. Played like hot garbage in the first half. Probably five minutes left in the first half, we started picking it up quite a bit and doing what we’re capable of doing. Hats off to the defense and how they were steadfast today. They atoned for the disappointment that we were last week defensively. We still gave up a few plays but overall, I think we forced three turnovers. We didn’t give up (explosive plays) until the end.

“So I’m really proud of the defense and special teams stepping up. Jace Feely is who he is. Unbelievable.

“The coaches did a great job. They called a great game. Some things that we’re calling, they’re just not doing what we’re capable of doing. And (the coaches) get the blame for it, but the kid is just in the wrong gap or not filling like he’s supposed to, or not blocking, or running the wrong route.

“So overall, it was a win. To think that we played like we played and we won by that margin, that’s a pretty good feeling for any coach, and I think for you all to see what we’re capable of doing. The young men in that locker room as well as staff and support staff, truly believe in what we’re capable of doing. It’s not believing in me. It’s believing in what we’re capable of doing. That was the question I posed last week. It wasn’t about me, it was about the young men and what we possess.”

On their approach to Nebraska

“We didn’t just want to win. We wanted to dominate. In the first half we weren’t dominant. In the second half, we got it together. We began to dominate but we wanted to really impose our will.”

On being proud of Shedeur Sanders

“As a father I’m really proud of him (Shedeur). I’m proud of Shilo and (Deion) Jr. as well for doing what he does for social media. He’s very mature. He’s always been very mature, very astute, and he studies his butt off and he’s prepared. I’m not happy that we surrendered seven sacks I believe today. That’s the expectation of a father, not a baby daddy, the father. I’m a real father and I take pride in that. I try to teach my sons the same, but overall as a coach and as a father I’m truly proud of all three of my sons and what they contributed on a daily basis.”

On the scenes in Boulder after the win

“Beautiful. A lot of this stuff is new to me. I know I have been to the highest level, the World Series as well as Super Bowls. But I am in the coaching aspect of Power Five. It was a sellout last week. It broke the attendance record for TCU. Also, to know what we accomplished today and to see that many people that came to see us perform, it was tremendous. Not just the number but the energy, the love, and expectation. I love that. Drive it over to the set for the big noon kickoff, it was phenomenal. Just feeling the energy of the student body, as well as the fan base here, was unbelievable. That was my first time experiencing that. We did not get to really fill it in the spring because it was snowing. I did not want to go out there and it was cold, so I did not really get to feel it. But we felt it today and I am pretty sure the kids are going to have a good time. Hopefully, they go take a nap, wake up with some energy, and they can celebrate with their families.”

On the impact he has had on Boulder

“We are going to make an impact. It is hard to say what that means and what that is. We are simply happy. I am not really thinking about the economic impact. Really, I am thinking about the social impact. I am seeing more African Americans than I have ever seen before. Sprinkling throughout the stands, stadium, restaurants, and everything, and I love it. The thing about sports, the thing about competition, when Shedeur is doing what he is doing, and Travis and Xavier and all those guys, they are not Black Colorado Buffaloes, they are just Colorado Buffaloes. And we all come together, and we bring people together, uniting. And that is the part of it that I adore. I truly do.”

On getting other players involved who weren’t involved a week ago

“Well, you’ve got to practice and prepare to get your shot. You cannot just think you are going to get your shot and meander around during practice. Chick’s [Tar’Varish Dawson Jr] really been in the playbook. I have a vested interest in him. I wanted to see him do well. He is my homeboy coming from the hometown. Cam [Cam’Ron Silimon-Craig] played for me in high school. So, I want to see these young men go out there and perform, but they had to get it together at practice before we were able to put them on display for the whole world to see. Both came up big and Chick was in tears at halftime. He was just thanking me for giving him an opportunity. I said you earned that my man, you earned that and I’m proud of you. So, I love those types of stories.”

On the connection between Shedeur Sanders and Xavier Weaver

“See the stuff that you see on the field, I see in practice. I have been saying this for a long time and everyone is just getting the opportunity to see it. Xavier is a dawg. He is a go-getter. He wants that ball. He high-points it and he can get deep. He is great off the jam. Great run out the catch. He is really a return man as well. The kid loves the game of football. So, I promise you are going to see a season filled with that. Because that is the kind of kid he is and he loves to compete. He loves to compete.”

On the defense

“They were not happy and satisfied with how they performed last week. That is not indicative to who they were. Coach Kelly called an excellent game. I’m hearing it on the headset. Guys got out of their gaps. They missed tackles. They just didn’t do what they are capable of doing last week. But today, the way they started was phenomenal. They truly believed that they could be a dominant force. Mix in a few more sacks, pressures, and keep the quarterback in the pocket. Coach Kelly went crazy when Sims got out of the pocket. I wish you could have heard it. He was about to lose his mind. But overall, they really played well, and we are proud of them. We still must fix some things if we want to be who we want to be.”

On Shedeur holding onto the football too long

“You got to understand when Shedeur holds on to the ball, it’s not just easy holding on to the ball. Somebody probably ran a wrong route or somebody was signaled, something happened. He never just sits back there to hold on to that ball and his read may be here but you may see it got wide open over there. But that wasn’t his read. They probably blew something, but that was his read. So the thing about him I used to question him all the time, especially coming up in high school coaching him because I was calling the plays for him. But then when I watched the film, I understand what he’s saying. So I’ve learned to not be too quick to judge him when I don’t see the full picture because he tells me what’s transpiring.”

On the team’s mental toughness

“They’re mentally tough. I mean we look for the smart, tough, fast and disciplined young men to fill our locker room and our roster and majority of them feature several of those characteristics. I’m proud of them that they don’t tire. They don’t have a pity party. Coach hates to hear the words my bad on the sideline. You hate hearing that, but they’re really upset when they know it’s their fault and they’ve made a tremendous mistake to allow that team another possession. But they’re getting it. They’re getting it and it’s only our second game, but they’re getting closer and closer with every day of practice and every game. I’m proud of them I really am.”

On media attention

“We expect it. I know it sounds kind of boastful. At the risk of sounding arrogant, we truly expect that. And that’s why those kids come, they want the biggest stage and they’re getting that every darn week. The numbers justify. What numbers did we have last week? Over seven million viewers on Fox? I think it was their biggest opening day in their history, the first game out so shoot, I’m pretty sure these numbers are gonna justify it as well.”

On Travis Hunter playing both ways

“You got to understand everybody who’s critical of that in saying he’s gonna tire he’s gonna do that, shoot they can’t cook and answer the phone at the same time. I don’t subscribe to that foolishness because that’s who Travis is. Travis is special. He has a tremendous gift and he wants to play. He loves to play. At six o’clock in the morning, probably at 5:45 a.m. I get a text every gameday saying let’s go. That’s what I get from Travis. Every gameday. Let’s go. Let’s go do this coach. So I love him like he’s my son. I treat him like I would if he was my son, but he’s a tremendous player and you got to put him on display and consistently put him on display. He loves to compete.”

On what the team winning a different style of game tells him

“It tells me that we’re resilient, that we’re tough. We weren’t as disciplined as we normally are early in the game, but we played a smart game and we just got to start quicker. We got to start quick. We got to come out and let’s go. But I’m happy that we got the ball in the second half. That’s a lot when you’re able to go down and score, then you’re gonna get the ball in the second half. It’s like doubling down. And I love that. But this team hasn’t scratched the surface of what it’s capable of doing. We still got some players that are really good players, but they hadn’t thrusted themselves into that spotlight yet because of the lack of consistency, but they’re going to get it. I truly believe in that.”

On the defense

“The defense is always focused. We don’t just focus on one unit, but they’re always trying to focus on fixing the things that we were horrible at a week ago. We tried our best to bring resolution to that as well as change personnel so that we would be better in those areas. But they played their butts off.”

On winning in front of recruits

“It says I ain’t hard to find. That’s what it says. The thing about it, you got to recruit to analyze everything, because I analyze stuff when I recruit. The atmosphere on top of that, and you don’t have to sell Boulder, Boulder sells itself. So we’re not selling anything. We’re not promising anything. We just give them an opportunity. They have a tremendous education and a tremendous opportunity to get to the next level which is the NFL if they come here and play for us. It would be tough for me to turn this down if I were recruited, especially if I’m preparing.”

On defensive guys in an offensive package

“They’re better blockers than the opposite guys that we had doing it. Because they’re grinders, they are defensive tackles so they know how to get lower. They drive and shoot. They are better. The formation that we use them in, it’s called Rick Ross. So when I say Rick Ross, they are ready. I was hoping Bishop caught the touchdown pass. I’m pretty sure we would have got a penalty, but I just wanted to see it.”

On Shedeur’s PrimeTime shuffle celebration

“It was horrible. It was, you know, kicking the feet up. He doesn’t want it. He’s not a dancer. I can’t dance. Our family dancer is Bossy, my daughter. She’s the only one that really has rhythm. The rest of us, we didn’t get that. The Lord passed us when it came to dance.”