Deion Sanders was a part of the 2023 NFL Honors awards show on Thursday night. So you already know he took his opportunity to recruit for the Buffs.

On stage at the awards show to present the NFL Coach of the Year Award, the first-year Colorado head coach made sure to let the crowd know where to find him.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to recruit,” he said. “I got the Bosas, the Watts, Jerry said I could borrow the star, Jimmy said he’s gonna help me out. I need all your cousins, your nephews, send ’em right to Colorado. We good? Alright. And we don’t have no NIL money either, by the way.”

Sanders certainly isn’t hard to find, and he’s making it known that Colorado is the place to be for anyone and everyone.

The Buffs signed a top-25 class in the 2023 recruiting cycle — transfers included. The 19-man high school class featured 5-star corner Cormani McClain. The fourth-ranked transfer class included former 5-star Jackson State corner Travis Hunter. In getting both to join Sanders in Boulder, the Buffs secured each of the last two No. 1 cornerback recruits in the country.

No recruit is unavailable because of the tireless work Sanders puts in on the trail.