Deion Sanders is a pro at finding ways to motivate his players. On Thursday, he did not have to do much with Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell offering up some comments on a silver platter.

During one of his interviews, Norvell noted that he takes “my hat and glasses off” before speaking to grownups. That’s clearly a reference to Coach Prime ahead of their rivalry matchup with Sanders regularly seen wearing a hat and sunglasses during interviews and press conferences.

Of course, those comments probably weren’t wise with Colorado riding high after a 2-0 start. Sanders also made sure to use those comments as ammunition at Thursday’s practice.

In a motivational speech with the team, Sanders made sure the players were aware of Norvell making things “personal” ahead of Saturday:

“Beautiful day, ain’t it? I’m minding my own business, watching some film, trying to get ready, trying to get out here and be the best coach I can be, and I look up and read some bull junk today about,” said Sanders. “Once again, why would you want to talk about us? We don’t talk about nobody. All we do is go out here, work our butts off and do our job on Saturday.

“BUT, when they give us ammunition, they done messed around and made it what?”

“Personal,” said the players in response.

“It was just gonna be a good game, they done messed around and made it?”


“It was gonna be a great test, the ‘Battle of Colorado’ but they done messed around and made it:”


Here’s the clip with Coach Prime’s speech beginning around the 9:30 mark:

Across the first two weeks of the season, Sanders has used perceived doubters within the media as a form of motivation for the Buffs. Shedeur Sanders also said after Week 2’s win over Nebraska that head coach Matt Rhule made things personal with “extreme disrespect” ahead of the game.

Whether all the slights are real or not is up for debate, but you can trust Sanders will find a way to get motivation wherever he can. And this time, he didn’t have to look hard after Norvell spouted off.