Deion Sanders is ready to embrace national championship expectations at Colorado.

“Why not think like that,” Sanders told Joel Klatt in an interview, and then Klatt added that a plus 4 or plus 5 in the win column is a drastic improvement.

“Not for me,” Sanders said. “I don’t think like that. I want it all, I don’t want a sip. Baby, I want it all! I want it full. I don’t want a sip, I don’t want one spoon. Give me it all, man, I don’t need no pot pie where I gotta put it in the oven for 45 minutes and take it out and poke the holes and blow on it for another 15 minutes and wait for it to cool off. Ain’t got time for that process.”

That also means Sanders said he knows his team will compete with TCU to open the season.

Sanders noted that he has a talented quarterback, which is something that all of the College Football Playoff teams had last season. Sanders also noted, with Klatt’s help, that they all were strong on the line of scrimmage and have athletes, and he believes the Buffaloes also have those traits.

“That’s what we brought into the house,” Sanders said. “So if we didn’t see that, we opened the doors of the church.”