Deion Sanders continues to fire back at criticism about his Colorado program’s significant roster turnover. Earlier Wednesday, Sanders wrote a tweet about it, and then he made an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show to further explain.

The Buffaloes have seen nearly 50 players leave from last year’s roster, and the team currently has some 25 scholarship openings as more than 20 players have entered the transfer portal since Saturday alone.

“We already know what we got coming in. Y’all just don’t know what we got coming. … They probably at the airport right now,” Sanders said. “When we release the list of guys that we already got coming in then everybody is going to say, ‘Ok, now I see what he’s doing.'”

Asked when the list is coming, he said, “Soon, very soon.”

After Sanders very early in his Colorado tenure said he would bring luggage with him, and it’s Louis (Vuitton), he made a furniture reference this time.

“It’s no way that I can put new furniture in this beautiful home if we don’t clean out the old furniture,” Sanders said.

H/T Brian Howell.