David Bakhtiari did not hold back on the NFL Monday night.

Aaron Rodgers, who Bakhtiari used to play alongside for the Green Bay Packers, suffered a lower leg injury just 4 snaps into his debut as a New York Jet. he had to be helped off the field and has been ruled out for the remainder of Monday night’s game.

Here’s what Bakhtiari had to say.

You feel Bakhtiari’s experience on the matter speaks volumes here.

Many NFL players have sounded off about the new artificial turf certain NFL teams have rolled out in recent years, saying they prefer a traditional grass field.

Rodgers’ injury is definitely one to raise awareness on that front. Rodgers spent the entirety of his career in Green Bay before deciding upon a change of scenery. Now, with Rodgers’ season potentially in jeopardy due to concerns of an Achillies tear, the Jets are in deep trouble.