Tommy Brown is making money moves.

The Colorado offensive lineman is believed to be the first professional underwear supermodel in college football history, inking an NIL deal this past week with the clothing brand Shinesty.

At 6-foot-7 and all of 330 pounds, the Alabama transfer is your quintessential offensive lineman. You don’t see many underwear models with that kind of size. But, it seems that’s exactly why the partnership between the quirky brand and the supremely confident Brown makes sense.

“When you have a body this good, you deserve to be paid,” Brown said.

Yes, that’s a real quote.

“As a college football player, I’m already used to millions of people seeing me in pants that leave nothing to the imagination,” he continued. “Might as well make some money while I’m at it.”

This is what the NCAA had in mind when it opened up access to name, image, and likeness opportunities for student-athletes. College football is in a constant state of consternation over alleged misuse of NIL when it comes to recruiting, but deals like Brown’s show the light to help balance out the dark.

According to Shinesty, Brown will appear in the brand’s new high fashion campaign “recreating some of the industry’s most iconic print and video advertisements to date.” Brown described the campaign as “a Calvin Klein ad, but with a better-looking dude wearing underwear that’s actually comfortable.”

The campaign will be dispersed through digital and social media. Some early stills have already been released, and they’re incredible.

Brown is in his first season at Colorado. He arrived as a grad transfer and has started every game so far.