Marshawn Lynch is a legend for more than just his football career.

The former Cal Golden Bear was on hand for Cal’s game against Washington on Saturday night at California Memorial Stadium. ESPN had the broadcast and caught up with both Lynch and fellow Cal running back Justin Forsett on the sideline during the game. Of course, if you’re putting Marshawn Lynch on national television, you better have someone hovering over the bleep button.

ESPN did not.

Lynch dropped two swear words in about 15 seconds, the second hilariously coming even after he realized he swore on camera in the first place.

“I’m from the Bay area, but when I look around the stands and I see these (expletives),” he said when talking about the attendance at the game. “I mean, these stands aren’t how they were when we were here, that (expletive) kind of got me on tilt. I ain’t feeling that. If this is California Bear football, they need to start filling up this stadium.”

Both were on hand to be inducted into the Cal Athletics Hall of Fame. Lynch played at Cal from 2004 to 2006, when he ran for 3,230 yards and scored 35 total touchdowns in 35 career games.

The best part of Lynch’s interview with ESPN? He’d just gotten done talking about how Forsett, who played from 2004 to 2007, never swore.