Justin Wilcox spoke to the media on Sunday after taking plenty of live snaps with his team. The Cal HC sounded pleased for the most part with what he saw.

Wilcox will be entering into his seventh season as coach of the Golden Bears in 2023. The team gave players 105 live snaps on Sunday. Wilcox first discussed the quarterbacks and thought all three had their moments.

“What we’re looking for is good football. We saw some of that today, we had about 105 snaps live,” said Wilcox. “Offensively I thought all three quarterbacks had some moments. We made those guys live at moments. Two of them haven’t played college football that much. They moved the ball down, put it in the endzone.”

One group that Wilcox has been challenging lately is the receivers. One thing he would like to see the group improve on is more consistency in 1-on-1 situations.

“I thought the receivers did a better job today,” said Wilcox. “We really challenged that group to take another step. We have some talent in there, but we gotta be more consistent in those 1-on-1 situations. I thought they did a better job coming down with the ball.”

Lastly, Wilcox mentioned the defense and how they did. He complemented the group as a whole, but specifically talked about some of the safeties and linebackers.

“When you’re out here in thud tempo the ‘I woulda had ’em’ thing goes away. Some of these guys are hard to tackle. Whether it’s making somebody or can’t get them on the ground, that showed up a few times. I thought some guys defensively made some really nice plays on the backend and then had some really nice tackles. Couple of the safeties showed up in tackling. Some young linebackers flashed I thought.”

Cal’s season opener will be with North Texas on Sept. 2. Kickoff will be at 1 p.m. PT on ESPNU.