Shaun Aguano seems to mean it when he says his new team — even if he’s just the interim head coach — is his family. The Arizona State coach took the Sun Devils bowling on Tuesday of this week. It was a family outing, a culture-builder kind of evening, complete with Arizona State-branded shirts that featured “Ohana” across the chest.

“There was not one kid in the past week that missed a class, missed an assignment, that was late to any mentoring meeting, that was late to anything that we had,” Aguano told reporters this week. “And that was five days in a row. I told them I would get them back for that and that was their reward. Instead of being out in 100 degrees at practice, we went out bowling and these kids had a great, great time.”

And then he said something that would make Vin Diesel proud.

“You can beat a good team,” he said, “but you can never beat a family.”

That sound you just heard was all the writers for the Fast and Furious franchise frantically (furiously…?) searching for some paper to write that down.

Arizona State is enjoying a bye week this week, fresh off a 45-38 upset win over then-No. 21 Washington.

The victory moved the Sun Devils to 2-4 on the year, but served to highlight what has been very real progress made inside the team since the departure of Herm Edwards. Arizona State provided a challenge for USC well into the game — perhaps more than the seventh-ranked Trojans were anticipating.

When Trenton Bourguet took over for Emory Jones after a hit to the head knocked ASU’s regular starter out of the game, the offense didn’t skip a beat. Bourguet threw three touchdowns in the effort.

Vibes appear to be trending positive for ASU after a rocky start.