Marcus Bagley, a physically talented power forward at Arizona State, announced Tuesday that he will be forgoing another season in college basketball to enter the NBA Draft. Bagley has played just 5 games in the past 2 seasons and 17 across his collegiate career at ASU.

Bagley is the younger brother of NBA standout Marvin Bagley III, who was born in Tempe and starred at Duke in college.

He played just 2 games at Arizona State this past season after being suspended by the program over  what he stated was a tweet explaining why he was not playing following the first few games of the season. Rothstein lists an injury as to why he did not play more than 2 games last season for the Sun Devils.

Bagley still has at least 2 seasons of eligibility remaining in college, and given his track record in college this, on the surface, seems like a strange decision. Bagley entered the transfer portal last season but elected to stay at ASU.