Safe to say there’s something there between former Arizona State quarterback Jayden Daniels and current ASU head coach Herm Edwards.

Appearing on Arizona Sports 98.7 Tuesday morning, Edwards was asked several times directly about Daniels’ surprise transfer from the program and rather than address Daniels’ situation specifically, each time Edwards chose to go more global with his response.

“The team that is here … we’re moving on,” Edwards said early in the interview.

Here’s Edwards’ full response when asked if Daniels’ departure caught him by surprise:

“Anyone to decide to leave this program, for whatever reason, they have the ability to do that now with the portal. When you have minicamp sometimes and the veterans don’t show up because of contracts or whatever, you don’t talk about the guys that aren’t here. You just talk about the players that are here. That’s always been my mindset and that’s only fair to the players who are here working every day.”

Edwards has seen departures from not just players this offseason, but members of his coaching staff as well. In total, five assistants from last year’s team have been replaced, either because they chose to resign, were terminated for cause, or were given the “walk or be fired” option.

Asked if he felt like his trust had been taken advantage of lately, be it through assistants allegedly running a recruiting operation that violated NCAA rules or by a player whom Edwards and ASU had committed to after the season turning and leaving a few months later, Edwards said everything they do in the context of football is built on a foundation of trust.

“When you delegate responsibility, you have to trust people,” he said. “I live in a world like that. I grew up that way. I don’t micro-manage people. I understand what’s going on for the most part, but at the end of the day… Football is about trust, by the way. This game is built on trust. When you call a play, the people in the circle, you’ve got to trust each other that they’re gonna do their job.

“Sports is all about trust. It’s about the people that you trust that are gonna do their jobs and do them the right way.”

You can see the full interview here. Spring ball for the Sun Devils begins on March 15. We’ll see if the Daniels questions are done by then, or if Edwards will entertain them if they aren’t.