A new alternates uniform for Arizona State has been revealed via social media and it has fans torn.

The new look features an all-tan base with a yellow script “Sun Devils” across the chest, yellow numbers with maroon trim, and yellow accents for the adidas and Pac-12 logos. The helmet pictured, according to the ASU Uniformity account—the account that initially shared the new alternate—won’t be used with the base in-season. But, from the neck down, this is the new ASU look.

If your initial reaction was to squint your eyes, grimace, and say “what are those,” you are not alone.

Here’s some of the reaction from social media:

AZ Central polled Sun Devil fans to get their take, and while the majority of respondents had a strong negative reaction, nearly a quarter of respondents said they either like them or love them.

Maybe a different helmet will change the overall feel. We shall see. Arizona State has yet to officially announce the new alternate, so it’s unclear when or how often they’ll be worn. ASU begins its season on Thursday, Sept. 1, against Northern Arizona.